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Arbitrary Stupid Goal


The centre of Tamara's universe is Shopsin's, her family's legendary greasy spoon, aka 'The Store', run by her inimitable dad, Kenny – a loquacious, contrary, huge-hearted man who, aside from dishing up New York's best egg salad on rye, is Village sheriff, philosopher, and fixer all at once. All comers find a place at Shopsin's table and feast on Kenny's tall tales and trenchant advice along with the incomparable chili con carne. Filled with clever illustrations and witty, nostalgic photographs and graphics, and told in a sly, elliptical narrative that is both hilarious and endearing, Arbitrary Stupid Goal is an offbeat memory-book mosaic about the secrets of living an unconventional life, which is becoming a forgotten art.

Designer: Tamara Shopsin
Size: 140x210mm
Pages: 336
Publication: 2018
Binding: Softbound book