• The Trust Manifesto
  • The Trust Manifesto
  • The Trust Manifesto

The Trust Manifesto

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From the moment Alexa wakes you up, you glance at your Apple watch, check social media, app-order your daily coffee and navigate your way to work, your data is being collected. In this new digital landscape unfurling around us, data is the new oil and you're the oil well.

We're living in an extraordinary age: the age of trust. We trust the language of algorithms and the intentions of tech giants. The Trust Manifesto is for anyone how has started to question that trust; who worry where it might end, who fear 'The Black Mirror Effect'. It is for those who wonder what an alternative internet would look like, built on trust, that works for all of us.

Designer: Luke Bird
Size: 150x235mm
Pages: 336
Publication: 2019
Binding: Softbound book