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Trans-Europe Express

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A searching, timely account of the condition of contemporary Europe, told through the landscapes of its cities.

Over the past twenty years European cities have become the envy of the world: a Kraftwerk Utopia of historic centres, supermodernist concert halls, imaginative public spaces and futuristic egalitarian housing estates which, interconnected by high-speed trains traversing open borders, have a combination of order and pleasure which is exceptionally unusual elsewhere.

In Trans-Europe Express, Owen Hatherley sets out to explore the European city across the entire continent, to see what exactly makes it so different to the Anglo-Saxon norm – the unplanned, car-centred, developer-oriented spaces common to the US, Ireland, UK and Australia. Attempting to define the European city, Hatherley finds a continent divided both within the EU and outside it.

Designer: Herbert Bayer (Silesian Home magazine cover, 1927)
Size: 120x190mm
Pages: 448
Publication: 2018
Binding: Casebound book with dust jacket