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  • How to be a Leader
  • How to be a Leader

How to be a Leader

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No one is born to lead. This is the idea at the heart of this thoughtful book on leadership. Popular culture feeds us images of the square-jawed, strong-armed leader – charismatic, powerful, decisive – but the truth is, with the right amount of self-knowledge and authenticity, anyone can be a good leader, even those who don't fit the stereotype.

There are countless courses and books available on leadership technique, decision-making and public speaking, but How to Be a Leader aims to give you the tools to understand and bring out your own leadership style. With an in-depth look at what it really means to lead, and the difference between being a manager and being a leader, How to Be a Leader invites you to explore – and accept – the unique leader in you.

Cover Designer: Marcia Mihotich
Size: 130x180mm
Pages: 160
Publication: 2016
Binding: Softbound book