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Dear Client

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In a world where every business, brand, product and service needs a strong visual identity, it's critical for clients and creative professionals to work together. And the key to success, as with any relationship, is communication. In ‘Dear Client’, award-winning graphic designer Bonnie Siegler offers an invaluable step-by-step guide to how to talk so creatives will listen and how to listen when creatives talk.

Written as a series of 46 honest, friendly lessons – 'Know What You Like', 'Decide Who Will Decide', 'Focus Groups Suck', 'Don't Say 'Make It Yellow', 'Say 'Make It Sunny'', 'Serve Lunch During Lunchtime Meetings' – it shows exactly how to deal with the subjectivity, emotional pitfalls and occasional chaos of a creative partnership. Here's how to articulate your visual goals and set a clear, consistent direction. How to give feedback that works and avoid words that inhibit creative thinking. How to be open to something you didn't imagine. And most of all, how to have fun, save money and get the results you want.

Designer: Bonnie Siegler
Size: 140x200mm
Pages: 192
Publication: 2018
Binding: Softbound book