Zoom Aeonik Type Specimen
Zoom Aeonik Type Specimen
Zoom Aeonik Type Specimen
Zoom Aeonik Type Specimen
Zoom Aeonik Type Specimen
Zoom Aeonik Type Specimen

Aeonik Type Specimen


Aeonik marks the first collaborative font family by Mark Bloom and Joe Leadbeater.

A 64 page type specimen book, it is beautifully printed on Antalis Olin Smooth Absolute White on fluorescent yellow and black ink by the talented folk at Identity Print.

With Modernist roots but details referencing mechanical early Grotesks, Aeonik positions itself as a Neo-Grotesk with a Geometric skeleton; with proportions that are wider than a typical Grotesk, but narrower than a typical Geometric Sans. Structurally, this creates a fantastic balance for both display and text use. At smaller scale, Aeonik is unobtrusive, maintaining rhythm in weight. An even colour throughout provides correct overall grey value. At display or header sizing, Aeonik’s mechanical qualities shine; characterised by perpendicular elongated tails and terminals and round bowls.

Seven broad weights (based on the Pablo distribution) are provided with enough difference in weight to give appropriate hierarchy. Optical adjustments have been made to ensure each weight can sit next to each other.

Aeonik also offers vast character sets across each weight, with all Western European diacritics, Punctuation, Mathematic & Numerics. Opentype features allow multiple subsets, case sensitive forms, contextual alternates, tabular & lining numerals, both proportional and old-style.

Although Italics appear oblique, curves and diagonals have been corrected to ensure weighting stays true to their upright counterparts. Slightly narrower proportions allow the appropriate stress that italics provide within text.

Lasting for an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time; Aeonik is here to last.

Designer: Mark Bloom & Joe Leadbeater
Size: 150x210mm
Pages: 62
Publication: 2018
Binding: Stapled booklet