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Emotion by design

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When Greg Hoffman joined Nike as a design intern in 1992, he had little idea he would end up as the most senior marketer at the world's most-renowned brand. But over the next twenty-eight years, Hoffman would help lead some of the most famous campaigns in history - from the 'Find Your Greatness' campaign during the London 2012 Olympics to the 'Risk Everything' campaign at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. His work would take him from Nike's Oregon headquarters to stadiums, courts, and arenas around the world. And he would ultimately be appointed Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for the Nike Swoosh's brand recognition everywhere on earth.

In ‘Emotion by Design: Creative Leadership Lessons from a Life at Nike’ the company’s former Chief Marketing Officer reveals how to unlock the creativity of any team

Designer: Unknown
Size: 162x240mm
Pages: 304
Publication: 2022
Binding: Casebound