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Eye on Design 3


Psst, have you heard? Eye on Design made a gossip magazine! Eye on Design #03 is packed with stories about how design is shaping the way you communicate – truthfully, salaciously, and otherwise.

Read all about:

  • The most famous designer feuds in history, and how one came to fisticuffs refereed by Michael Bierut.
  • The fascinating way People, America’s biggest celebrity magazine, gets made every week.
  • One designer’s shocking brush with the Pizzagate scandal.
  • Hot takes from five designers on the state of design criticism.
  • The most worrying workplace woes – culled from our anonymous tip line.
  • How suburban housewife gossip fueled the meteoric rise of kitchen mega-brand Tupperware.
  • April Greiman’s radical approach to design – we have the exclusive tell-all interview.

Of course, no self-respecting gossip magazine is complete without a little gossip of its own, so every issue of Eye on Design comes with the special mini-mag, 'Spotted', their spin on a dishy tabloid – packed with paparazzi shots, party pages, a peek inside designers' totes, a very special recipe from Milton Glaser, and other juicy bits.

Designer: Tala Safié
Size: 165x230mm
Pages: 160
Publication: 2019
Binding: Softbound magazine