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ID Pure 38


ID Pure magazine is a Swiss based publication which focuses on contemporary arts especially graphic design and typography.

Cabinet of curiosities
Collection of objects with particular taste...
Projects Figurin / Fontstand / Infini / Art Paper Editions / Osama Obama
Dossier Sustainability By Jane Cheng Schindler
Good Read Glyphics. Random type memories By Frank Adebiaye
Interview with Florian Hecker and Dimitri Bruni (NORM) about Chimerizations
Portfolio Hammer – studio lindhorst-emme – Studio fnt
Education ECAL, CH: Clémence Chatel, Oriane Chaussard,
Vanja Jelic & Rasmus, Schønning, Tancrède Ottiger, Leonardo Azzolini,
Laurence Kubski
ArtEZ Institute of Arts in Arnhem, NL: Bas van Bentum
Royal Academy of Art, NL: Ksenija Serbina

Size: 220x287mm
Pages: 96
Publication: 2016
Binding: Softbound magazine