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Jerzy Treutler


This book accompanies a retrospective exhibition on the work of Polish designer Jerzy Treutler at the Poster Museum in Poland from 7 August – 15 November 2020.

Jerzy Treutler's professional activity followed three paths: individual graphic design, artistic supervision and work as an expert, juror and consultant. His creative activities decidedly took first place; the variety of functions he performed however allowed for a more objective view and assessment of works presented by other artists, this playing an important role in his work on the jury of various competitions.

In his portfolio one may find study drawings, as an important base for his creation: silhouettes, drawings of animals, fragments of architecture, quick sketches in crayon or pencil or felt-tip pen. In the field of purely applied graphics JRT also, though very rarely, undertook the design of trademarks, including in 1958 the logo for the state-owned enterprise Moda Polska (Polish Fashion) – its well-known Swallow, which earned him popularity among the company's male and female customers and is to this day cited as an example of the best Polish logos of the 1960s.

Design: Patryk Hardziej
Casebound book with belly band