• LogoArchive #7
  • LogoArchive #7
  • LogoArchive #7
  • LogoArchive #7
  • LogoArchive #7

LogoArchive #7

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This latest issue explores the potential of the self-published zine to expand, to be a format to share the ideas of those who inspired it. One such individual is architect and writer Jack Self, founder of REAL foundation and the Editor-In-Chief of Real Review.

In this issue Jack looks back, casting a critical eye over the modernist project and then making a proposal for the future. Looking back to look forward is the foundation of the LogoArchive project. This is explored and expressed materially in Issue 7 using a gate-folded cover and in the numbering of the pages. Readers have to flick back to move forward through the zine.

This issue features a selection of 24 logos designed for textile-related businesses and covers the logo story of the Woolmark symbol, designed by Franco Grignani in 1963 as part of a competition by the IWS.

Design: Richard Baird / LogoArchive
Publisher: BP&O
Size: 148x210mm

Pages: 10pp + Cover
Finish: White
Paper: Colorplan Ebony