• Search and Scribble Outdoor

Search and Scribble Outdoor

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Search & Scribble is an open-ended, creative play kit. It unleashes a child’s imagination in a playful mix of observation, creative thinking, composition & illustration. ‘Find. Imagine. Draw. - Make endless pictures using the things around you, & your imagination.’

There is so much creative resource around us, we don’t need lots of special equipment. Using the simple objects in our homes children can unleash their imaginations and get creating.

Woodland walks, picnics, days at the beach or just playing in the garden are great opportunities for discovery and creativity. Children love to explore and gather treasures - Search & Scribble 'Outdoor Edition' encourages them a look closely at the endless shapes in nature, and get creative with all the things they find.

– 4 Search Mats
– 12 Idea Cards
– 5 Twin-tip Washable Pens
– Drawstring Collection Bag