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The Craftsman


Provocative and enlightening, Richard Sennett's The Craftsman is an exploration of craftsmanship – the desire to do a job well for its own sake – as a template for living.

Most of us have to work. But is work just a means to an end? In trying to make a living, have we lost touch with the idea of making things well?

Pure competition, Sennett shows, will never produce good work. Instead, the values of the craftsman, whether in a Stradivari violin workshop or a modern laboratory, can enrich our lives and change the way we anchor ourselves in the world around us.

The past lives of crafts and craftsmen show us ways of working – using tools, acquiring skills, thinking about materials – which provide rewarding alternative ways for people to utilise their talents. We need to recognize this if motivations are to be understood and lives made as fulfilling as possible.

Designer: Coralie Bickford-Smith
Size: 130x200mm
Pages: 336
Publication: 2009
Binding: Softbound book