Bernard Chadebec – Intrus Sympathiques

Bernard Chadebec – Intrus Sympathiques

French graphic designer Bernard Chadebec was an employee of the INRS which, since its creation in 1947, has worked to protect the safety and health of employees. The institute commissioned a vast amount of posters, with experts and managers accessing the need for information in various sectors according to the hazards present, and then briefing Chadebec to visually translate them. These posters would subsequently be placed at appropriate locations in the respective work places.

Throughout his professional life, between 1965 – 2005, at this institute, he realised more than 300 posters concerning the topic of accident prevention, many of which contrast the often dull environments found in factories and production sites with an aesthetic derived from pop culture and humour.

A new title, published by Rollo Press, called ‘Bernard Chadebec – Intrus Sympathiques’, has helped to bring about the first monographic exhibition of the artist’s work at the Écomusée Creusot Monceau. Even more impressive is that the concept and design for ‘Intrus Sympathiques’ was developed by students of the HfG Karlsruhe, in close collaboration with Olivier Lebrun and Urs Lehni.


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