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We are currently giving away a free eye badge, designed by Richard Baird of LogoArchive, with every purchase from Counter-Print.

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Designed in Cuba: Cold War Graphics

There's a fascinating exhibition coming up this month at the House of Illustration which showcases an unprecedented range of original Cuban propaganda posters and magazines from the Cold War era....

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LogoArchive Issue 4

We are very pleased to be stocking ‘LogoArchive#4’ by Richard Baird. Issue 4 explores the liminal space created between architecture and graphic design.

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"Ordered a small and quite inexpensive book from Counter-Print and received a hand written thank you note. Love it."

Paul Sheeran @_architexture

"If you like reading + have any interest in design or just funny stories about millennial work/life, you must check out Counter-Print books. Curated books that are CONSISTENTLY perfect picks, design/history focus, lady author features, design essay/memoir, fast UK shipping."

Sarah Mick @SarahDMick

Starting the week with the best kind of post. New studio purchases from @Counterprint 📚 😍

Fiasco Design @FiascoDesign

Love a personal hand written note. TY for caring @Counterprint TY Celine.

David Sammels @DavidSammels

Long live the independent book shops! 👊

James Ashe @james_c_ashe

I ordered a few new design books from @Counterprint I can’t decide which one is my favorite...

Joe Kral @joe_kral_mn

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Spotlight on Design

Bruno Munari – Faces

Bruno Munari (1907–1998) is seen as one of the most notable, experimental and eclectic Italian artists/designers of the 20th Century. His principles and beliefs were built upon his early involvement...

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Living With Design

Living With Design

Living With Design

Living With Design

Living With Design

Social Projects

Fedrigoni 365 2019

We are very pleased to be involved, for another year, with the sale of 'Fedrigoni 365'. Designed by TM, for Fedrigoni UK, it is a collaboration involving 365 designers, illustrators...

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Fedrigoni 365

We were asked at Counter-Print a little while ago to submit a design for 'Fedrigoni 365'. The book is a project by design studio TM to...

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A Sense of Place

We contributed a poster design to ‘A Sense of Place’, a graphic art exhibition exploring the idea of place and what it means. The aim of the exhibition is to reveal...

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Fancy Working at Counter-Print? 🤓

We are currently looking for an intern to help us out in the studio. Our main aim is to inspire people to be creative and, as such, we are looking to find bibliophiles with an enthusiasm for art, design and culture.

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