Book Lovers Favourite Covers – Anthony Burrill

Book Lovers Favourite Covers – Anthony Burrill

We're very lucky this week to have one of our favourite designers, Anthony Burrill, sharing his favourite book cover with us. We've been obsessing over his new book here in the studio of late. Titled 'Make it Now!', it's Burrill's guide to, 'new thinking, creative problem-solving and getting things done' and it's a fantastic read from front to back. Here we've asked Anthony to turn his attention to his favourite book cover design and what makes it so special…

"My favourite book cover design is 'Today’s Hieroglyphs' by Hans-Rudolf Lutz, originally published in 1990. The book details an exhaustive collection of pictograms, logos and typography collected from packaging materials. The book itself is chunky and bold, just like its subject matter. The cover is a simple arrangement of six pictogram men wrestling with stylised boxes. I think the cover is a comment on the scale and weight of the book and the amount of content it contains. I like the brutal simplicity of the cover design and the choice of paper stock and binding, which again reflects the book’s content." 

Anthony Burrill


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