Book Lovers Favourite Covers – Lars Müller

Book Lovers Favourite Covers – Lars Müller

This week's contributor to 'Book Lovers Favourite Covers' needs little introduction. Lars Müller is the founder of one of the world's most renowned publishing houses, Lars Müller Publishers. We are huge fans of their output here, which is always exemplary and provides a benchmark for all those working in the field of publishing for the arts. Lars, a self-acknowledged bibliophile, has agreed to share his favourite cover with us here.

"To be fair and show respect towards the many publishers and designers who create innovative and beautiful book covers, I chose a cover out of my own production. 

For Herzog & de Meuron, Natural History I researched the possibilities for creating a 3-dimensional illusion on the surface of a book cover by debossing motifs that simulate depth. The design was adapted from sketches by the architects for the shape of a specific building.

Naturally, the only 2.0 mm-thick cardboard of the hard cover does not offer a high relief. With a pressure of 7 tons per square meter, the depth of the depression is 0.3mm. Working within this scale, the die must create the illusion, which is best perceived with sidelight on a monochromatic dark or light surface.

The book was first published in 2002 and contains essays and portfolios on the creative process and the convictions of the famed Swiss architects.

The half-cloth binding with 472 pages and a format of 16.5 x 24.0 cm refers to the tradition of academic publications. The rounded cloth spine offers comfort and durability. The cover is printed in copper and light gray type that overlaps with the debossing. 

The book has been out of print for a long time and is by now a collector’s item."

Lars Müller
Lars Müller Publishers


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