Counter-Print Pop-Up Shop

Counter-Print Pop-Up Shop

We are so excited to be involved with the 'ALL THINGS PAPER' pop-up shop, which will be running from 22 November to 1 December 2019 in London.

ALL THINGS PAPER is a pop-up featuring three brands where paper means everything to them – its variety, purpose, sustainability and quality all showcased in one place for a period of 10 days between 22 November and 01 December 2019.

Please come along if you can, it will be the first time all of our (in print) publications will be for sale in one store.

An independent online book shop borne out of a pure and simple love for vintage books, Counter-Print have been steadily selling beautifully designed and carefully selected books from a variety of publishers that they admire for over ten years. A true advocate of paper and print, Counter-Print have progressed into a truly unique brand that publishes their own exquisitely designed books that would fit right into anyone’s book collection.

Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast designs and makes their own paper goods by hand in their London studio. The name of the brand is a homage to the quote in Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll: “Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” These words have been loosely interpreted to match the brand’s philosophy of creating stationery to make everyday tasks a little easier and more practical, with sustainability always in mind.

The name Stálogy comes from an amalgamation of the words stationery, standard & technology, a compendium of a simple yet effective formula to which the brand is devoted, as is evident in their products. Developed in Japan by Nitoms, Inc. with their specialism in adhesive technology along with the art direction of Manabu Mizuno, a leading creative director, Stálogy have established themselves as a stationery brand of the highest quality.


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