Designs on Britain

Designs on Britain

London’s Jewish Museum is currently showing a very interesting looking exhibition for the creatively-minded, uncovering quite how much of the most iconic British design was, in fact, produced by immigrants to this country.

20th century design in the UK was profoundly shaped by the arrival of pioneering Jewish émigré designers from continental Europe. They brought with them a knowledge of modernism and radically transformed the practice and language of British design.

Don’t miss iconic posters for London Underground, the General Post Office and the War Office created by designers including Dorrit Dekk, FHK Henrion and Hans Schleger.

See the classic designs that have been embraced by generations – a ‘70s Raleigh Chopper bike, an early Marble Run toy, and the London Transport bus stop sign. 

Until 15th April 2018

Jewish Museum London
Raymond Burton House
129-131 Albert Street
London NW1 7NB

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