Fedrigoni 366 – 2024

Fedrigoni 366 – 2024

This year, Fedrigoni 366 has been produced in collaboration with printer F.E. Burman using the latest HP Indigo® digital print technology. This has allowed 731 creatives to harness the power of generative design — meaning every single design submitted to the project looks different in each and every book.

Since its inception in 2017, Fedrigoni has collaborated with design studio TM (TsevdosMcNeil) to unite creatives in this publication. Once again, the UK creative community has been invited to contribute a design that interprets a date of the year provided to them at random. This year, a hand-selected group of international designers have also been invited to participate, broadening the project’s reach even further. Together, these designers contribute to an endlessly diverse and vibrant time capsule of creative talent.

Assigned to one of two palettes (orange or green), designers were invited to consider how shuffling a range of colours could influence their design. While they could use the full palette of ten colours, it was up to each designer to decide how many colours in total would be used in their own design. What feels particularly different about this year’s edition is the collaboration between designers and print technology, that sees the former give up full control of how colour is expressed in their designs. Used for the first time at this unprecedented scale, the HP Mosaic tool has applied algorithms to randomly shuffle colours within each design to make different combinations in each book. These designs are printed to a range of specially treated white papers from Fedrigoni’s Digital for HP Indigo® printing collection.

Since the beginning of their partnership in 2008, Fedrigoni has consistently expanded its HP Indigo® digital selection of certified papers from its extensive range of products available for litho printing. Fedrigoni’s digital range includes coated, uncoated and specialty papers, designed to ensure optimal colour consistency, fast drying and maximum runnability, providing choice and flexibility.

Fedrigoni 366 commemorates the 2024 leap year with a unique generative design created by creative coder and designer Oswin Tickler using HP Spark. Printed to Sirio Ultra Black in white and one special colour, the unique prints have been tipped in by hand to each copy.

Beyond this, generative code has been used to randomly shuffle colours in every other part of the book – from the outer jacket to the inner divider pages, no colour stands still from one book to another.

This publication has enabled Fedrigoni to collaborate with more of the creative community than ever before, reaching one of its highest print circulation and building on engagement that has increased year on year since 2017. All profits from previous editions have been donated to charity, so far raising over £30,000.

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