Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda, based in Valencia, Spain, are a dynamic creative duo whose artistry knows no bounds. Trained architects with a shared passion for geometry, perspective and storytelling, they have honed their craft to create captivating visual narratives. Their style, characterised by humour, precision and a delicate aesthetic inspired by the cityscape, has garnered international acclaim.

The exquisitely designed ‘Happytecture’ features 168 pages of colourful images that capture the essence of Anna and Daniel’s extraordinary vision. Each turn of the page unveils a world filled with playfulness, wonder and architectural marvels. This casebound book promises to delight readers with its unique blend of creativity and precision, leaving them inspired to see the world through a fresh lens.

Divided into three captivating sections, ‘Happytecture’ showcases Anna and Daniel’s unparalleled talent for transforming ordinary locations into extraordinary works of art. The first section, ‘Curiocities’, invites readers to rediscover the world through the duo’s unique perspective, unraveling the hidden beauty found in everyday street elements such as doors, windows, and urban vernacular. With an uncanny ability to see the extraordinary 
in the ordinary, Anna and Daniel encourage us to view our surroundings 
in a fresh and exciting way.

Continuing the enchanting journey, the second section, ‘Pink-a-boo!’, 
delves into the architecture of specific setting, La Muralla Roja, the postmodern apartment complex located in Calpe and designed by Ricardo Bofill. Anna and Daniel infuse their architectural photography here with a visual game of hide-and-seek, as we follow Anna around the building’s captivating architecture. With each carefully composed image, they transport us to a dreamlike world where reality blends seamlessly with fantasy.

In the final section of the book, ‘What the Hat?!’, the background turns into a secondary character, despite being crucial to the story still, and the hat takes the stage. For the most part, a hat is simply a covering for the head, worn for warmth or for style. But in reality, a hat can be a lot more than just that. From a tiny little flower, to an entire solar system.

The journey through ‘Happytecture’ concludes with a special section titled ‘Behind the Camera’, where Anna and Daniel share their work process, offering a glimpse into their creative minds. Here, readers have the opportunity to gain insight into the inspiration behind their captivating compositions and the techniques they employ to bring their vision to life.

‘Happytecture’ is now available for purchase here.



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