How to… Build the Perfect Library

How to… Build the Perfect Library

I often find myself wondering how my life could have been made that little bit easier had a certain book been published ten to fifteen years earlier. That goes specifically for ‘how to’ books, which help to explain complicated subject matters in a digestible way and contain those all important tips, advice and hacks.

As with every genre of book, for every ten reference books carefully explaining how to do everything from tying your shoelaces in a mindful way or juicing an aubergine, there is also the odd gem that really resonates and makes you wonder how you ever got through life without it. Note to publishers, an honest guide to ‘what one should expect when having children’ and another on ‘the realities of making a living by selling books’, are two that would have been warmly received here.

However, when applied to the creative industry ‘how to’ guides can often be a very potent form of communication, capable of condensing a large amount of advice and information in a succinct and approachable manner. Here we have rounded up our favourites, a few gems that we feel are necessary and valuable weapons for any designer’s arsenal, whether you’re brushing up your skills or trying something new.

Make a Book

Making Books







Run a Gallery

Management of Art Galleries

Be Creative

The Creative Curve

How to

Make it Now!

How to See

Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamping


So you want to Publish a Magazine?

Survive the Industry

Oh Sh*t What Now?

How to be a Graphic Designer without Losing your Soul

Change the World

Our World to Change!


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