We're thrilled to announce the release of our latest publication, ‘Iconic: Icons and Pictograms in Design Today’. This visually stunning book delves into the world of icons and pictograms, celebrating their essential role in contemporary graphic design.

‘Iconic’ explores the evolution and significance of these visual symbols, which have become indispensable in our digital era. Originally created for efficient communication, icons and pictograms have transcended language barriers, offering 
a universal visual shorthand for complex ideas. They are now fundamental tools in our fast-paced digital landscape, helping brands convey messages quickly and effectively through a blend of visual and verbal elements.

In an age where brevity is key—whether in texting, social media, or digital branding—icons and pictograms have taken center stage. ‘Iconic’ showcases this dynamic evolution, illustrating how these symbols shape our digital world and facilitate global communication.

The book is a visual feast, filled with vibrant colour imagery and detailed project descriptions. It highlights a diverse range of designs, offering readers an enlightening glimpse into the creative processes behind some of the most innovative uses of icons and pictograms in modern design.

To purchase ‘Iconic’ click here.


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