Introducing Counter-Print 'Homeware'…

Introducing Counter-Print 'Homeware'…

I just thought I’d write a little something on the changes that we’ve made to Counter-Print, so they don’t go by unmarked. Namely, I wanted to draw attention to our new ‘Homeware’ section. It’s an idea that we have been toying with making a reality for a while. We actually did try to create such a store a few years back, with the short-lived Counter-Objects site. We felt, at the time, that the site had too many limitations and it was fundamentally not working for us to have two separate sites. We promised ourselves that we would only try again once it could be comfortably integrated into the main Counter-Print site.

Well, wouldn’t you know, technology has certainly caught up with us and we are now able to offer various product groupings on one site. We’ve even been able to slip new ‘Stationery’ and ‘Magazine’ sections in to boot.

Like any other designers, our interest in our subject matter doesn’t lie solely with graphic design. Through the ‘Homeware’ section, we hope to uncover a whole host of beautifully designed items, many of them hopefully unique to Counter-Print, whether they be children’s toys, prints, ornaments for the home or utilitarian items for working with.

As with every other section of the site, Counter-Print’s main focus will be design heritage. The site started by selling vintage graphic design books and this remains our core area of interest within the field of design. As such, our new offering contains classic calendars designed by Massimo Vignelli and children’s games designed by Fredun Shapur. We have Tove Jansson’s Moomin characters, along side John Melin’s posters for the Moderna Museet. But we also have modern pieces, from designers we admire, whose work we believe can sit comfortably next to these design classics, whether they be from Miller Goodman, Write & Sketch or Don Fisher.

We hope you like the new sections and that you stay tuned over the coming weeks, as we hope to add lots of new and exciting product.

Visit our new 'Homeware' section here.


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