Italian Graphic Design: Posters

Italian Graphic Design: Posters

Italian Graphic Design is a series of six encounters about graphic design and visual communication in Italy in the 20th century. Six chapters of a possible history of Italian graphic design, conceived in order to understand the role of graphic designers in giving shape and identity to Italy’s social, economic and cultural landscape. In the fourth event of the series, Leonardo Sonnoli (pictured) and George Hardie will talk about the art of designing posters, starting from the ambiguity of the Italian word 'manifesto', referring to both a programmatic text or a large-sized printed piece of paper displayed in public.

Its transient nature means the poster is still the best and most effective visual expression of the spirit of an age and place. And due to its designer-based nature it is still the artifact that expresses better than any other the stylistic skills of a designer: creating a poster is like running the hundred meters, since everything is focused over a short period of time, unlike, for instance, a visual identity project that is more like the Tour of Italy in cycling: a captain backed by a team on a long race facing all kinds of different difficulties. (Leonardo Sonnoli)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
From 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
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ICI London
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