Karel Martens – Motion

Karel Martens – Motion

One of our favourite designers, the site was even named after one of his books, Karel Martens, has an exhibition on at Kunstverein München at the moment.

Martens is an artist, typographer, graphic designer, bookmaker and an educator. He co-founded a school and he’s influenced thousands.

As the gallery says, ‘Motion will be appropriately dexterous and tentacular – comprising an experiential exhibition of Martens’ work within a staircase and three rooms, which extends outwards through a series of discursive events in Munich, Amsterdam, Paris, Vilnius, and New York, as well as through a publication (co-published with Roma Publications, Amsterdam). Altogether, Motion will afford a compound view on an expansive practice, and chart a road map. Yet while all of that spans over 50 years of Martens inter-disciplinary activity, the exhibition will remain grounded firmly in the present (and future)’.

Motion is not intended to display Martens’ practice, but instead is, ‘an embodied demonstration of his method’.

4th February – 2nd April 2017

Kunstverein München e.V.
Galeriestrasse 4
(Am Hofgarten)
80539 Munich, Germany

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