LogoArchive Extra Issue – Canada Modern

LogoArchive Extra Issue – Canada Modern

LogoArchive returns with a special collaborative Extra Issue, handing over the format to physical and digital archive Canada Modern to celebrate the form and colour of Canada’s modernist symbols.

The LogoArchive zine was inspired by a panel discussion at Somerset House as part of the exhibition Print! Its first issue was conceived, designed and sent to the printers within a day. It is part of an ongoing project by Richard Baird documenting the symbols of the mid-century.

Channelling the spirit of fanzines and pamphleteering of the past and with an independent spirit, LogoArchive seeks to surprise and delight within the context and practice of mid-century logo archival, reconfiguring itself with each new issue. The distinctive format of a booklet provides ample license to experiment and collaborate with other like minded archives. One such resource is Canada Modern – canadamodern.org a digital and physical archive of Canadian graphic design from 1960—1985 and launched in 2018. Canada Modern shines a light on works that, until now, have only been held by institutions or private collectors, or in the private archives of the designers themselves. A key part of the success of Canada Modern is down to the relationships that its creator Blair Thomson has built with many of the leading figures from the period. Designers including Stuart Ash, Burton Kramer and Raymond Bellemare have all generously shared their time and resources with the project, as have the colleagues and families of those that are no longer with us.

All of the symbols and supporting content in this issue have been designed to capture the joy and spirit so inextricably linked with a pivotal period in Canadian graphic design. Canada Modern is a unique and priceless archive of a distinct national and cultural identity.

LogoArchive is delighted to have been able to hand over this Extra Issue to Blair. The integrity of his practice and sensitivity to design, we hope you will agree, is evident throughout.

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