Making Books

Making Books

I thought I’d use the CP News feed to draw your attention to a book that should satisfy the desires of many bibliophiles. ‘Making Books’ is a step-by-step guide to creating books by hand at home. Published by Pavilion, it is based on the popular workshops of the London Centre for Book Arts.

The publishers describe it as, ‘accessible enough for complete beginners, while full of inspiration for those with more experience… the ultimate guide to making beautiful books by hand’.

Starting with an introduction to the bindery and a useful inventory of necessary tools and equipment, you’ll also learn about different paper types, and special finishes such as cloth coverings, headbands and ribbon markers. You’ll then find clear step-by-step instructions for six different hand-made book types, from simple pamphlets and concertinas to more elaborate multi-section bindings. Each project includes ideas for variations, resulting in over 20 different possible outcomes. There are also details about more advanced techniques and specialist bindings, as well as handy layout and design advice.

A combination of practical and inspirational photography guides readers clearly through each stage of the process, while showcasing the unique results that can be achieved. Heaven.


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