New Book: From Latin America

New Book: From Latin America

Different cultures around the world have their own histories, customs and beliefs which can be witnessed within their art and design and it is this that we are trying to explore visually within this series of books; previously focussing on the creative output of Japan, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. 

We were very excited this time to take on the task of compiling a book of work from the region of Latin America, an area I had admired for some time for its design.

Over the last few years, I think Latin American design seems to have really boomed. Agencies such as IS Creative have helped celebrate and bring Latin American design to a new audience with their contribution to the visual identity of LADFest over a number of years. Empatía and Anagrama have earned a lot of respect and admiration for their exquisite identities, while Firmalt have managed to mix the cultural motifs and iconography of the past with a modern aesthetic – just to name a few involved.

As with Firmalt, I really appreciate how Latin American designers don’t just look to the past but also take inspiration from wider, international trends, combining them with historical aesthetics to offer something new.

I hope the book shows how the agencies and individuals within it are mixing disciplines and aesthetics to create a wonderfully irresistible and unpredictable outcome. One that is energetic, vibrant and a joy to witness develop.

To pick up a copy of 'From Latin America' click here.


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