Octavo Redux

Octavo Redux

Unit Editions are nearly there with their Kickstarter campaign to create a 384pp book, containing all eight issues of Octavo.

As the organisers explain, 'the book has been designed and edited by two of Octavo’s original designers and editors. And, as with the journals themselves, the book uses high-end production techniques to faithfully reproduce the original publications.'

'Between 1986 and 1992, eight issues of Octavo, International Journal of Typography, were edited, designed and published. The first seven print-based editions were produced to the same format of 16pp, A4. They all came with an 8-page wrap-around trace jacket, and the typeface Unica was used throughout. Issue eight was published as an ‘interactive’ CD-ROM. The journal Octavo was designed by 8vo, a design studio formed in 1984, comprising Mark Holt, Simon Johnston, Hamish Muir, and later Michael Burke.'

'Although 8vo disbanded in July 2001, Muir and Holt have reunited to design and edit Octavo Redux. They have applied all the ingenuity and obsessive attention to detail that went into the journal to the design and production of this book.'

For more information and to support the production of the book visit here:


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