We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest book, 'Optic', which explores the use of optical effects in graphic design.

Some art forms have had more of an impact on the language of graphic design than others, but not many have helped contribute the same dynamism, energy and vitality as Op Art. Graphic designers today are rediscovering the optical art of the 1960s with delight, revelling in its experimentation and unexpected outcomes.

It is the purpose of ‘Optic’ to attempt a survey of optical effects in graphic design and to help distinguish their various forms. As such, the book is split into sections such as: Periodic Structures, Interrupted Systems, Relief, Impossible Objects, Diffusion, Illusory Contours, Figure-ground, Proximity and Isometric Illusion.

As well as stunning work on show by a host of talented designers, the book features interviews with the likes of Abby Haddican, Daughter, Toko, Classmate, Mainstudio, Manifiesto, Study LLC., Burrow and Parker Studio about their careers and use of optical illusions in their graphic design work.

The book has three covers, containing different optical illusions, to pick from. Pick up a copy here.


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