By bringing together and contrasting historical and younger artists, the exhibition ‘Vibrations’ at Danysz gallery in Paris aims to provide evidence of a continuity and renewed vitality in optical art.

The name ’Vibrations’ refers to light's vibratory effect in many of these works: from the likes of Victor Vasarely, Richard Paul Lohse and Max Bill to name but three.

More than yet another historical exhibition, ‘Vibrations’ aims to shed a new light on the heritage of the opticokinetic art movement and the multiple forms it may take today. The artworks on display will disrupt the visual sense, with the eye of the viewer continually confused by the optical stimulation on display.

Lastly, its creators hope ‘Vibrations’ will offer a glimpse into the future, in keeping with the choices that, since its creation, Danysz Gallery has stood for. By bridging now classic artworks and more contemporary ones, this exhibition calls for a new dialogue between generations.

From 6th June 2019 to 27th July

78 rue Amelot

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