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This isn't a book about how to take the best pictures. It's not even about the technical aspects of photography or how to 'make it' as a photographer. In fact, it argues that you should take fewer photographs.

By sharing 10 practices honed over a lifetime spent behind the lens working with clients such as Adidas, Levi Strauss, Converse and Apple, photographer Andrew Paynter encourages you to develop a more considered approach to photography so that you craft pictures with care.

Do Photo teaches novice, intermediate and advanced photographers – and everyone in between – how to use their cameras to connect with subjects in a meaningful way, create memorable and more impactful photographs, and curate a body of work that represents who they are. And guess what: it all starts before you even pick up the camera.

Cover Illustrator: James Victore
Size: 120x3180mm

Pages: 128
Publication: 2020

Binding: Softbound book