Zoom LogoArchive#5
Zoom LogoArchive#5
Zoom LogoArchive#5
Zoom LogoArchive#5
Zoom LogoArchive#5
Zoom LogoArchive#5


LogoArchive returns with Issue 5 – Technique. The technical limitations of the mid-century—the need for a steady hand and a precise mind for mechanical reproduction—demanded that an exceptional level of care and creativity be given over to shape and space, association and perception. These considerations created a rich corporate and consumer form language and range of graphic techniques. These have been partly marginalised, usurped by modern print and display technologies. They do remain as useful reference points in which to help create a symbol today, one that is enduring, works well in a black or white, can be used with vibrant inks, seductive materials and eye-catching finishes, as well as being displayed in motion on ever more diverse screens types.

LogoArchive Issue 5 focuses on eleven simple techniques, naming them, exemplifying them and offering short commentaries. It serves as an archival and pedagogical document, offering an alternative take on the ubiquitous logo tips article. In this way it looks at things another way around. This alternate viewpoint manifests itself materially in the dual modes of reading the zine, either portrait and symbol first or landscape and text first. By using both a portrait and landscape format, the zine encourages its readers to embrace the full materiality of what began as a digital Instagram project, to view the symbols documented in different ways and to see how the form language of the symbol is diminished or enhanced.

Issue 5 will be printed by WithPrint on G.F Smith Colorplan Ebony 135gsm with multiple passes of white ink on an HP Indigo press. It features 3x 4pp Colorplan Vellum White inserts printed with black and threaded between the pages of the booklet. These are bound with black staples.

Design: Richard Baird / LogoArchive
Publisher: BP&O
Size: 148x210mm

Pages: 10pp + Cover
Paper: Colorplan Ebony 135gsm
Finish: HP Indigo White x5

Pages: 12pp
Colour: Colorplan Vellum White 135gsm
Finish: Black

Binding: Black Staples