Happy Colouring!


With a five year old son ourselves, we thought it might be a nice idea to come up with something creative for kids to do during school closures – so we’ve compiled three free colouring books.

We asked a number of creative friends to contribute a piece they thought children (and adults) would like to colour in. Some contributed existing pieces and others have created entirely new line drawings. The response has been really heart-warming and we hope to make a number of volumes over the coming weeks, if parents find them useful.

Click Here to Download Volume One

Featuring: Anthony Burrill, Bethan Woollvin, Break Maiden, Eva Dijkstra, Fivebargate Illustration Studio, FriendsWithYou, Fuji2Apple, Jay Cover, Malika Favre, Marco Oggian, Marylou Faure, MillerGoodman, Paul Thurlby, Shunsuke Satake, Sigrid Calon, Steve Gavan, Susie Hammer, Tad Carpenter, Yeye Weller, ZIPENG ZHU.

Click Here to Download Volume Two

Featuring: Brett Wilkinson, Christopher Dina, Crispin Finn, David Sierra, Hattie Stewart, Hsinping Pan, Jane Bowyer, Jean Jullien, Kristiina Almy, La Boca, Lio Yeung, Marion Deuchars, Martina Paukova, Paul Farrell, Risotto Studio, Robert Hanson, Ryan Chapman, Scout Editions, Supermundane, Virginie Morgand.

Click Here to Download Volume Three

Featuring: Camille Walala, Erin Jang, Kelly Anna, Lesley Barnes, Maddison Graphic, Marcus Walters, Redfries, Teresa Bellón, Pointdextr, We Are Out of Office, Anthony Burrill, Zipeng Zhu, Hsinping Pan, Martina Paukova, Risotto Studio, Andy Goodman, Marco Oggian, Marylou Faure.