Zoom Eight:48 Issues 1–10

Eight:48 Issues 1–10

In 2010 we published our first printed piece under the name of Counter-Print. 'Eight:48' was a 40 page newspaper on the theme 'Print is Dead?' It contained a foreword from Steven Heller and contributions from the likes of Anthony Burrill, La Boca, Supermundane and a cover illustration by Robert Hanson. Over the next couple of years, we published ten of these newspapers, each tackling a different part of the creative field we found of interest. Subjects included humour, location, the future of design, ideas and many other themes. Looking back, these were the foundation of everything we have gone on to achieve since and are available here for the first time in a long while as a complete bundle.

Design: Jon Dowling & Céline Leterme
Size: 290x400mm
Pages: 40 (self cover)
Publication: 2010

Binding: Newspaper