• Yamato Arabic Iro Kie Colour-fading Glue

Yamato Arabic Iro Kie Colour-fading Glue

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What a good idea: Yamato's liquid glue is fluorescent when applied, so kids can see where they've used it – then it dries clear. It has an easy-to-use sponge applicator too.

This is the larger 40ml size.

Container made with recycled materials. Eco Mark certified.

Yamato is a 120-year-old heritage Japanese stationery brand making practical craft glue and stationery accessories, which are best sellers in Japan and widely used in schools. Yamato's high-quality glues and pastes avoid unnecessary chemicals and artificial ingredients, and are packaged in their stylish, original, vintage-style recyclable bottles and tubs.

Size: 110mm high