Bridget Riley Exhibition

Bridget Riley Exhibition

One for future you and I to get excited by... Bridget Riley’s perception-altering work is coming to the Hayward Gallery this October. The English painter was known for her mesmerising illusion paintings, a style which she developed during the 1960’s. As an active artist for more than 60 years, Riley will also be exhibiting her latest wall paintings made especially for the event.

This is the first time her large-scale optical-phenomenon pieces have been shown in England for almost 20 years. It is currently being presented at the Scottish National Gallery until 22nd September. If you’re a fan of art that demands attention and explores the ‘dynamic possibilities of optical phenomena’ then we think you’ll really like this.

“I am sometimes asked ‘What is your objective’ and this I cannot truthfully answer. I work ‘from’ something rather than ‘towards’ something. It is a process of discovery.” It’s said that a lot of Riley’s process includes creating work in small scale before recreating it in a huge, space dominating format.

Bridget Riley’s work explores colour and contrast, although predominantly black and white until 1967, her work has always created a visual experience for the viewer. She has created wall murals for the likes of the Royal Liverpool university Hospital where she painted huge bolts of colour, directly along the corridors of the building. The exhibition is also said to show the only three-dimensional piece that Riley ever created, named ‘Continuum’ made in 1963.

It’s such an exciting exhibition to look forward to!

Now – 22nd Sep – Scotland
23 Oct 2019 – 26 Jan 2020 – London

Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh
The Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, London

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