Lee Krasner Exhibition

Lee Krasner Exhibition

Loving any celebration of colour here at Counter-Print, we’re so looking forward to the Lee Krasner exhibition at the Barbican this summer. 

“I happened to be Mrs. Jackson Pollock and that’s a mouthful. I was a woman, a Jewish widow, a damn good painter, thank you, and a little too independent.” – Lee Krasner

Lee Krasner was an American painter whose work formed part of the Abstract Expressionism movement in the mid to late 90’s. Her work hasn’t been celebrated in Europe for more than half a century, with some of the prints never shown in the UK before. It’s really exciting that the Barbican are celebrating her importance as a female artist in a male dominated era, her intense collages in the 1950’s and her huge canvases of the 60’s were underappreciated in their time.

Fausto Gilberti, illustrator and artist released the book ‘Jackson Pollock’ back in 2016, to show us the work of the restless painter by exploring the drips and splashes that made his work famous. It’s been said that Lee, inspired by Piet Mondrian’s “grid” developed her “all-over” technique which later influenced Pollock's radical style. 

The exhibition celebrates her life and her dedication to her artistic style, we can’t wait to see it.

Now – 1st September

Barbican Centre
Silk Street

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