Na Kim – Red, Yellow, Blue

Na Kim – Red, Yellow, Blue

We were in Belgium last weekend, so it was gutting to hear that we missed out on an exhibition by Na Kim, taking place at Ghent's Riot Gallery.

With a background in graphic design, Na Kim creates expansive work that freely traverses the edge between fine art and design. By doing away with pre-existing rules and symbolic meanings, she studies the essential elements in form, rearranging it based on its geometric standards. In her work, the formal elements of graphic design are transformed into the formal language of fine art, presenting an ongoing experimentation with new forms and content that transcend the boundary and differences that exist between contemporary art and design. 

SET v. 8: red, yellow, blue is part of an ongoing series titled SET, first shown as a solo exhibition in New York in 2015. In SET a collection of past works dating from 2006 were presented. The book with the eponymous title functions as a catalog and an exhibition plan. In the SET series, the contents of the catalog are installed in the exhibition space, where either past commissions or studio works are collectively shown regardless of their production year, medium, or context. They are imbued with a new order based on visual elements from each component. SET v. 8: red, yellow, blue is also based on a series of selected images by three basic colours taken from a catalog with the same title.

For anyone, like us, that won't get to see this exhibition, we can console ourselves by flipping through the wonderful Na Kim title SET, which we have for sale at Counter-Print (see below).

28th June – 30th September, 2017

RIOT Gallery
Dendermondsesteenweg 80
B-9000 Gent

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