The Swiss Grid

The Swiss Grid

Undeniably one of the most influential movements in graphic design history, the ‘International Style’ or ‘Swiss Style’, is predominantly characterised by a strict adherence to a grid structure. ‘The Swiss Grid’, currently on at the Poster House in New York, celebrates the legacy of the International Style by showcasing a rich collection of iconic poster designs and graphic ephemera informed by the era.

As one of the main tools in a designer’s arsenal, the grid acts as a set of rules to form a minimalist and strikingly symmetrical composition which prioritises clear communication and readability. Pioneers of the highly modernist Swiss Style such as Emil Ruder, Joseph Muller Brockmann and Armin Hoffman mastered the geometric system to produce harmonious, organised and refined posters that have stood the test of time. The influence of the Swiss Style permeated across the world and became known as the International Style which often favoured sans serif over serif typefaces, photography over illustration and black and white over colour.

The Poster House gives an expansive look at the impact and development of the Swiss Style with exhibitions on 100 years of Swiss Design in adjoining galleries, so this is definitely a great opportunity to get some inspiration and insight into a pivotal movement that has shaped graphic design.

February 27 – August 23, 2020
Poster House
119 W. 23rd Street
New York
NY 10011
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