George Him – A Polish Designer for Mid-Century Britain

George Him – A Polish Designer for Mid-Century Britain

George Him is one of the most prolific graphic designers and Jewish emigrés to emerge from the mid-20th Century, who created era defining work which has had a profound impact on graphic arts in post war Britain.

This exhibition at The House of Illustration celebrates his long and varied career as both an independent graphic designer and as a part of the iconic Lewitt-Him duo. Originally born in Poland, George Him moved to London in 1937 and stayed throughout the wartime period where he created propaganda for The Ministry of Food and information combining his modernist style with satire to communicate powerful messages. Alongside propaganda posters, George Him utilised his striking graphic illustrations in commercial advertising for the likes of Schweppes and El Al Airlines.

This retrospective look at George Him’s work showcases his expansive collection of original works and features previously unseen working sketches and ephemera that inspired his designs. It is an important celebration of his contribution to British culture and the exhibition is a part of the Insiders/Outsiders Arts Festival, which draws attention to other refugees from Nazi Europe.

Untill 10th May 2020
The House of Illustration
2 Granary Square
King’s Cross
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