Men of Letters

Men of Letters

If you love all things type, then this exhibition is definitely one to keep a look out for. ‘Men of Letters’ is an expansive exhibition exploring the hand lettering and type design of Tony Forster and Phill Grimshaw. Tony played an important role in the Manchester design scene during the 60s and went on to lecture at Bolton School of Arts where he met Phill Grimshaw. Phill was a student of Tony’s and, like many others, was inspired by his skill in hand drawn typography. Tony’s passion for type is clear as he said, ‘it has always fascinated me that we only have 26 letters. Arranged in the right order they can make you laugh or cry, make you happy or sad, angry or elated’. It is his artistry in arranging those 26 letters into beautiful compositions that earned him more than 25 international awards and led him to design iconic typographic logos for Paperchase and the Philharmonic Orchestra to name a few. The pair were renowned and influential in their field, with Phill generating over 44 typefaces for ITC and Letraset.

‘Men of Letters’ features previously unseen sketches, mock-ups and original artworks that have been tucked away in storage for years. This long-awaited exhibition gives insight into the craftsmanship of hand lettering and the process of generating typography in a pre-digital era. Hosted at the Bolton Museum, it gives a comprehensive look at the fascinating life and works of the two typographers.

Until 8th March 2020
Bolton Museum
Le Mans Crescent
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  • Hi Elaine, Thanks for getting in touch with this. At this moment in time, they don’t have any set dates or venues, though they hope to have more shows in future. I’d suggest to stay tuned to their Facebook account where they’ll announce future exhibitions:

    Counter-Print on

  • Hi, will this exhibition be shown anywhere else? Received an email fro counter print today ans noticed it advertised however too short notice to be able to attend. My son is a graphic designer and has a specific interest in typography.
    Kind Regards

    Elaine Harris on

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