I Belong to Jesus

I Belong to Jesus

We've finally got our hands on a few copies of the wonderful 'I Belong to Jesus' by Rick Banks and Craig Oldham.

In 2014, FIFA, world football’s governing body, announced that players would no longer be permitted to display or reveal any messages of any kind, on any part of their kit under any circumstances – even if their intention was good.

A visual riposte to this ruling, 'I Belong to Jesus' is a graphic celebration of those celebrations. The book gathers together the memorable and meaningful moments created when player and supporter share the connective euphoria of a goal.

These direct, often raw, messages bear the marks of those that made them, and it’s their imagery which greatly contributes, and builds upon, a rich folklore and history that is football. Without them, the game isn’t simply rid of a singular message; it’s denied the affection of a shared memory.

'I Belong to Jesus' is a limited edition book, bound with a limited edition t-shirt and band, and documents the celebrations of players from the global game.


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